best crossfit jump ropes for double unders

Cons: We have heard that in spite of the foam grip, the handles can become slick when you sweat. Some people also are surprised with the aid of the small/thin handles, which could take being used to. Won’t do crossing moves properly.

Price: $25.99 – website (also sold as a part of a CrossFit Kit)

Bullet COMP
Summary: The fastest velocity rope we’ve got ever examined. WOW. The cope with will unfastened spin for up to two minutes. Also capabilities a self-adjusting head which lets in smooth cable replacement and sizing with out the want for adjustable screws.


Handle weight: 1.6 ounces (every)
Handles: five.Five” aluminum handles with knurl grip
Cable: USA made 10ft naked or covered pace cable
Pros: The spin. Full prevent. If you crave pace start right here. Self-adjusting head additionally makes this sizing and cable alternative quick and easy. The knurl take care of is very grippy even while you sweat. Contoured handles are desired through many athletes.

Cons: The handles are heavy through excessive quit speed rope standards. We’ve heard feedback that athletes honestly begin to sense the burn of their palms at some point of longer units of doubles (specifically everybody coming from the Elite Surge 2.0). best crossfit jump ropes set

Price: $forty four.99 – internet site

RPM Session Rope 3.0
Summary: The RPM Speed Rope is a totally reliable rope with heavy duty handles and a music file of very fast speeds at competitions. Advanced speed jumpers working out interior will discover it is going as short as they need.


Handle weight: 1.1 oz. (every)
Handles: Metal handles are approximately 5.Five inches in length and really difficult. The pinnacle piece of the cope with rotates on an anchor disc.
Cable: All ropes include a great lengthy 12’ bare cord cable. USA made cable.

Pros: The hollow steel handles have a pleasing sense inside the hand and function a knurl grip that may not slip even as you leap. Cable duration is simple to resize. Comes standard with quicker naked cable for superior jumpers, however you have the option to purchase with lined cable for schooling. Eight extraordinary colored handles are available. For a $10 greater charge you can have the handles engraved.

Cons: Competition jumpers have complained of receiving blisters after lengthy durations of practicing from the rough grip. Very highly-priced for a soar rope!

Price: $fifty five – website

Ultra Light 2.Zero – Cable Speed Rope
Summary: The “ultra light” version of the maximum commonplace/popular cable speed rope design accessible. Handles connect to the rope at a 90-degree attitude to save you breakage and kinking with the excessive, repeated torque of double unders. A easy, confirmed design (normally visible in velocity jumping and CrossFit video games competitions) this is also the lightest speed rope we have discovered.


Handle weight: .7 ounces (each)
Handles: five.5″ lengthy. Designed with an unbreakable polymer plastic dowel.
Cable: Uses a fashionable 3/32″ covered USA made cable that can be adjusted with cable cutters and a Phillips screw motive force.
Pros: Lightest speed rope available on the market. It produces a smooth flip and may attain speeds to 6-7 turns a second. The cable and handles can each be custom designed with the color of you desire (8 one of a kind alternatives). The “ultra” mild weight approach less arm fatigue. Easy to modify cable lengths and switch out cable patterns. Cable made in the USA.