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When you’re on a tight budget however only the best will do, look no in addition than the ASUS V248QE. It sports a high 144Hz refresh fee and a blazing fast 1ms response time to deliver the smoothest overall performance in games that offer excessive framerates.

The refresh charge alone will come up with the competitive advantage that you’re seeking out in video games like Counterstrike: GO, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, and greater in view that these video games require brief response instances and minimal enter lag.

On common, the ASUS VG248QE has been reported with an enter lag of much less than 12ms and is derived with aid for NVIDIA LightBoost to take away motion blur and provide you with that CRT motion clarity that such a lot of game enthusiasts are searching out.

Unfortunately, it’s handiest to be had with refresh rates as much as 120Hz.

Because that is a finances based monitor, some sacrifices were made to maintain the price as little as ASUS has. They sacrificed the IPS panel for a TN panel and capped the resolution at 1920x1080p. This is not unusual amongst all of the finances monitors that we’ve tested.

If all you’re looking for is a 144Hz display, the 1080p decision of the VG248QE is tremendous. If you’re seeking out better resolutions, you are going to want to spend more money on the panel. There isn’t any other manner round it, lamentably.



The honorable mention in this category is the BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 monitor. It sports the identical functions as the VG248QE but is slightly extra costly in most cases. If you’re able to find this screen for much less than the VG248QE, it’s far a better purchase.

The ZOWIE XL2411 features BenQ’s Blur Reduction generation, which performs slightly better than LightBoost and works at 144Hz. So if the 120Hz is a deal breaker in your gaming, and also you honestly need to have 144Hz and may discover the BenQ monitor less expensive than the Asus, get it.

The BenQ display is likewise constructed with a flicker-loose backlight, which helps you get more hours in on your preferred games without straining your eyes or causing complications from overexposure.

However, the BenQ has no built-in audio system, which isn’t always a deal-breaker for the general public, however one feature at the VG248QE that a few fans will love. best gaming monitor 



In third region for the pleasant budget gaming reveal class, we’ve got the AOC G2460PF. While it’s not at the same degree because the Asus or even BenQ reveal, it’s miles well worth the mention because of its 144Hz refresh rate and assisting AMD’s FreeSync era.

If your video card supports AMD FreeSync, this reveal should outperform each the Asus and the BenQ panels. With AMX FreeSync enabled, this price range-pleasant display amazed us and brought results that made us assume it ought to be priced a lot higher.

The FreeSync variety on this monitor is between 30Hz and 144Hz and can be overclocked to 160Hz, inspite of FreeSync enabled. You’ll need to know, even though, that overclocking the reveal will right away void the guarantee, so it’s a practice you should perform at your chance.